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Somatic Awareness

somatic awareness

Somatic Awareness

somatic awareness

Somatic therapy is a holistic form of therapy that pays close attention to not only what is happening in our minds, but most importantly what is happening in our bodies.

Somatic therapy helps us to find safety in our own bodies by teaching the practice of self-regulation.  By bringing awareness to our bodies, to what we are feeling as well as thinking, we not only deepen self-awareness, but we learn to become more present and come home to our authentic selves. 

A Somatic therapy session involves engaging in dialogue with a therapist with an emphasis on coming into the present moment.  Various techniques  (such as art, movement, voice, dreamwork) may be introduced, and this is entirely dependent on what is important and relevant for you.

This form of therapy is suitable for anyone who is suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, physical pain, self-esteem issues or if you just want to deepen your own self-enquiry.

This therapist works from Greystones, Co. Wicklow

"Be strong then, and enter into your own body.
There you have a solid place for your feet.
Think about it carefully!
Don't go off somewhere else!
Kabir says this: just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things,...
And stand firm in that which you are".



About the Therapist

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Colette Lynch Gestalt Psychotherapist, Somatic Movement Therapist

Colette Lynch (M.A., P.G. Dip) is a fully accredited (IAHIP) Gestalt Psychotherapist and Somatic Movement Therapist. 


Colette is passionate about combining Gestalt psychotherapy and somatic experiencing to bring about real psychological and physiological transformation.   She has just completed an MSC in Gestalt Psychotherapy carrying out research on how developmental movement patterns support the therapeutic process.


She has been involved with the practice of Authentic Movement for 12 years, assisting Joan Davis on her recent 3 year Original Nature programme.  She is particularly interested in combining the dream with somatic movement to explore the possibilities this can offer in the process of self-regulation and healing.

Over the past 20 years, she has also trained in other fields such as Jungian Psychology with Art Therapy, the Naked Voice with Chloe Goodchild, and DTR colour and movement therapy.


She attends regular supervision and continued professional development.

She also works as a consultant in the corporate sector helping large businesses manage and implement change.



Co. Wicklow

Tel: 086 8505188

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