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A Weekend of Authentic Movement, at Gorse Hill, Bray, Co. Wicklow

We are offering an Authentic Movement weekend workshop on 27/28/29 March 2020.


The workshop will introduce the foundations of the ground form of Authentic Movement, an Embodied Spiritual Practice, which cultivates the practice of entering into Direct Embodied Experience of the here and now, with oneself and others.


The practice of Authentic Movement, AM, holds the intention to deepen and refine the quality of our direct embodied presence, with ourselves, with our clients and groups, and indeed in our everyday life.


The workshop can be counted as Continued Professional Development (CPD) hours, and is suitable for anybody who has already completed an in-depth training in the following areas:

·       Psychotherapy with a body/movement component

·       Drama Therapy

·       Bodywork

·       Yoga

·       Somatic studies

·       Any other depth body/mind disciplines


See for more information on Joan Davis. Further information on Authentic Movement can be found under ORIGINAL NATURE, A Practice in Presence, the ongoing 3 year training programme in AM.


The weekend will make use of an Interdependent or Mutual learning approach, a model of relational learning that acknowledges we are all deeply interconnected, and our most profound learning comes through our relationships and interactions with each other.


Joan Davis will be working with assistant tutors Colette Lynch and Patricia Grey Amante.


Patricia Grey Amante is an accredited Somatic Movement Psychotherapist, with over 20 years therapeutic experience.  In addition to her Transpersonal Psychotherapy training, Patricia has completed the Leadership Training in BodySoul Rhythms, with the Marion Woodman Foundation, and she has  completed an in-depth 4 year training in Somatic Movement Education and Therapy, with Joan Davis, in ORIGINS. Patricia has been practicing Authentic Movement for over 10 Years, and is currently assisting Joan on the ORIGINAL NATURE programme, a three year training in Authentic Movement. See for further information.


Colette Lynch is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and Somatic Movement Therapist.  She trained with the Gestalt Institute of Ireland and completed the Origins Somatic Therapist training in 2015.  She has also trained as a facilitator in movement (Dancing the Rainbow) and voice practices (with Chloe Goodchild).  She has been practicing Authentic Movement for over 10 years, and is also an assistant to Joan on the Original Nature programme.  Click here to go to her website for more information.



Dates: 27/28/29 March 2020


Times; Friday evening 6.30-9.30, Saturday and Sunday 9.30-6.30


Costs; 350 (non refundable) paid in full by 15th March 2020 (includes shared accommodation for those travelling but not food)


Venue; Gorse Hill, Cliff Road, Windgates, Bray, Co. Wicklow.


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