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Menopausal Wisdom


You are invited to join us for a series of somatic movement workshops, exploring the nature and intelligence of the menopausal transition.


The aim of the workshops is to help women open to the fullness of this natural transition, moving through this ancient threshold with vitality and presence. By slowing down and connecting to the regulating rhythm of our own nature within Nature, we will support our whole being as we move towards newness.

Who will we become in this newness?


What energies are coming to meet us at this time?

What will our new cycle be?


By attending to our dreams, our soma; and our human nature embedded within Nature, we will celebrate and honour this female transition, with deep visceral guidance, sensual belly laughter and heartfelt healing compassion.


Our embodied explorations aim to;




Nourish our bodies, the ground of our being, through deep listening and regulating somatic movement practices.




Enliven our cellular awareness and understanding of this transition, through embodying the wisdom of our menstrual cycle, our dream cycles and Natures Cycles.




Strengthen our presence as Women by honouring each Woman’s unique expression and needs, connecting to our self and each other within a collective of Women, guided by the wisdom and intelligence of Life itself moving through each of us.


The nature of menopause series is open to women who are moving towards the menopause or are menopausal and wish to explore their experiences of self during this transition.  As a prerequisite we ask that you have completed at least 2 years of therapy and have some experience of body work.


Patrícia Grey Amante and Colette Lynch, will facilitate the series of workshops, inspiring connection to nourishment and innate wisdom, through embodied dreaming and somatic movement.


Patricia and Colette have been researching the area of menopause together, through dreams and movement for several years. We have been fascinated and nourished by the shared themes that emerge throughout the menstrual cycles and the supportive energies that come to meet us, through our dreams, our movement and being in Nature. We would be delighted to share and continue this exploration with a group of dreaming moving women.




Patricia Grey-Amante


Somatic Movement Psychotherapist, UKCP

Patricia accredited as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist in 2004, through the

Centre for Transpersonal Psychology. Over the last 20 years Patricia has

completed Leadership Trainings in Jungian Embodied process, through

the Marion Woodman Foundation for BodySoul, and two in-depth

Somatic Movement trainings, with Joan Davis, exploring cellular awareness

throughout our whole life continuum from conception through to present day. 

She has recently assisted Joan Davis on a 3 year Authentic Movement training.


Patricia is dedicated to bringing in embodied visceral Iived awareness of our

human selves, nourished connected and embedded in Nature, She has been

moving and living and knowing her nature through embodied movement and dreams for over 20 years.  Through movement and stillness, dreaming body and moving body, nature and Nature. Patricia brings a deep listening to Body and the original wisdom that is so alive there.

Patricia abides by UKCP ethics.



Colette Lynch


Colette Lynch (P.G. Dip) is a fully accredited (IAHIP) Gestalt Psychotherapist

and Somatic Movement Therapist. 


Colette is passionate about combining Gestalt psychotherapy and somatic

experiencing to bring about real psychological and physiological

transformation.   She is currently completing an MSC in Gestalt Psychotherapy

carrying out research on how developmental movement patterns support

the therapeutic process.


She has been involved with the practice of Authentic Movement for 12 years,

assisting Joan Davis on her recent 3 year Original Nature programme. 

She is particularly interested in combining the dream with somatic movement

to explore the possibilities this can offer in the process of self-regulation

and healing.

Over the past 20 years, she has also trained in other fields such as Jungian Psychology with Art Therapy, the Naked Voice with Chloe Goodchild, and DTR colour and movement therapy.


She attends regular supervision and continued professional development.

She also works as a consultant in the corporate sector helping large businesses manage and implement change.


23rd April 2022

28th May 2022

2nd July 2022

As a beginning we are offering 3 introductory workshops, beginning  23rd April and meeting approx every 5 weeks thereafter. You can join 1, 2 or all 3.  We will then look at extending to future dates.


Venue: Gorse Hill, Bray, Wicklow, Ireland:


We will be a group of no more than 8 participants, plus the 2 facilitators.


Days will run from 9:30am to 5pm. We will each bring lunch to eat individually or to share.
The Fee for each day will be €140.


If you are interested, please get in touch with either Patricia on 0868134915, or Colette on 0868505188

Or send us an e-mail




We would appreciate a chat or meet up with each interested Woman, to explore suitability for the work at this time.


Please share this with any woman you feel may be interested.

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